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Been practicing commissions privately for a while now, so I figured it'd be appropriate to open myself up publicly. Not going to bore anyone with flavor text.


$15 for a single scene featuring ONE giantess/giant and ONE tiny.*
$20 for a single scene featuring ONE giantess/giant and MULTIPLE tiny people.*
$10 per scene for a series (Minimum of three, maximum of five)*

*The complexity of the scene will determine if additional fees are necessary, such as the acquisition of a prop or model I am currently not in possession of.

Prices for scenes containing multiple giantesses is left up due to the complexity of the scene. Though they will likely $20 per scene. 


Payment in full is required prior to the scene creation. That's not to say we cannot discuss the scene prior to payment. Payment will take place over Paypal. I will privately provide payment details after a consumer has shown full interest in enlisting my services.


You can expect delivery of your render within seven days from payment. The resolution of the images will come at a base of 1500x1370 and in JPG format and will be sent to the consumer privately via Note.

Public/Private Renders

You can decide if you'd like your render(s) to be published publicly or simply left shared privately between you and I. I have no issue with either. I also have no issue with you uploading to your own DeviantArt and I wouldn't mind uploading to my own.

What You're Paying For

Renders take a lot a time to make. My renders take an average of eight hours to render by themselves. This is not to mention scene creation and post work (if any). Scene creation takes me a few hours as well. That's well over ten hours for a single scene. Also if clients want specific props or attire in their scene, I will likely have to pay for it out of my own pocket (which can be anywhere between $5-$30). So payments go towards time spent and props purchased.

Things I Do

Crush (Hands, feet, breasts, etc)
Soft/Hard Vore
Micro (within reason)
Giant Male

Things I Don't Do

City Scenes 
Exaggeration Proportions (BBW, etc)
Growth/Shrink sequences

I simply will not produce any content that exists beyond the regulations set by Deviantart.

This list might be updated frequently with new information concerning things such as current availability and pricing.

Anyway, I look forward to working with some of you in creating personalized scenes. Please be as detailed as you can in describing these scenes to me! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Have a great day!

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He Feels a Bit Squishy
***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Something special about upcoming renders featuring this giantess but I don't want to spoil anything. It's the beginning of a new fan interactive I'd like to try out. It should be a fun thing for everyone involved. I won't give away the details just yet . . . just know that it has something to do with THIS comment section.. and another two comment sections that feature this giantess as well. Good luck. :)
On the Beach III (feat. guest star Floating Feet)
This was one of the earlier renders I did of the beach scene but failed to realize her feet were floating. :P So fast forward to the future and I stumble upon this in my scene files and I'm like 'Why haven't I rendered this?' So I did and voila, I totally forget about the floating feet. Hope some of you have floating feet fetishes :P
N is for...
...Nyx, who was patient and kind. (Yes this is part of the alphabet series. Yes it still exists. Yes this out of order!) A bit of long story for this one. I don't expect 99% of people to read it (or even her) but there's a story to tell with this one. One I feel like I should share. 

The most important thing to mention besides the fact that this was a gift for :icongiantessnyx: once upon a time is that .. well .. I'm a scumbag. Months ago I told her I'd make something special for her and this render was the byproduct. Only it was never that easy. It took so freaking long to make this, I invested so many countless hours. I dedicated so much of myself into this scene but it was hard.  And it used to have so much more content. More tinies in the left hand. Tinies falling down. Terrified police officers with their quivering arms raised at the giantess. A stampede of people fleeing from the scene. Blood splatters on the ground. I was following my vision perfectly. This scene pushed my computer to its limits and before I knew it, the program crashed every five minutes or so . . . making the construction of this scene a nightmare. And I was getting so frustrated with myself. it consumed so much effort. It effected my health.

I put it off.

I've picked it at every now then but the latency issues made working around this scene completely unbearable. I'm sure you 3D rendering guys must understand the annoyance of lag in 3D space. It took me a minute to make one minor translation of an object in the scene, something I can normally perform instantly. There's no excuse for my inanity or why I never bothered to properly inform her of my technical issues, I should just sort of quietly discarded it.

And now I've been working at this for the last month and it's been awful. I've had to remove so many elements from the scene and.. I feel awful that it's not living up to any grand expectations. I feel awful that I made a conscious decision to silently sweep this under the rug because I couldn't cope with its size. I feel awful that I never even told her and yet . . . she still so positively left her digital footprint on my art, leaving warm remarks in the comment section. I knew I had to tighten my belt and give this another honest effort without breaks. And I've tried oh so very hard. To put in perspective how graphically intensive this scene was, every attempt to render it just crashed my computer lol. Anyway, I'm such a terrible photo editor, sorry the blood effects are so bad. This is a very long winded way just to say I'm sorry. There's no room for excuses here.

It's a little ironic really. How someone like myself, who simply adores the gentle aspect of these size shenanigans, can't draw out the compassion to be a decent human being sometimes. 


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I'm really not sure what to put here. I draw occasionally, I love to work out and go on long runs. Um, I'm a macrophile. :P You know what? I'm just gonna leave this here and get back to it when I'm not completely sleep deprived.


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